Begins Sunday Sept 8th  2024

10 Sundays Over 4 Months

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About The Course

This Safe Space course is recognised by the National Counselling Psychotherapy Society (NCPS) and carries ‘Advanced Specialist Training Status’.  The 10 day course is designed to enable you to integrate CBT into your therapeutic portfolio.  The course offers  a range of creative tools that build on the successfully researched protocols of CBT.  The philosophy is rooted in the primary  importance of relationship and compassion focused interventions.

On the last course assessment 100% of participants agreed with the statements (1) My personal learning objectives were met (2) The training covered everything I expected  it to (3) I will use the new learning, skills, ideas and knowledge (4) I believe that the new learning and knowledge will improve my performance at work.

This 10 day course covers CBT approaches to working with Depression, Social Anxiety, OCD and Anger.  The course enables creative practitioners to integrate: cognitive role play, games, visualisations and CBT experiments into their established practice, enabling both children and adults to transform distress emotion.  

Free the mind

Course Content

Each day will usually begin with a feedback session of the ‘Home learning’ task from the week before to model the CBT process.

Module 1:  Welcome: ‘A brief history and overview of CBT and its definitive characteristics.’  Teaching the Cognitive model helping the client become their own therapist.  The nature of the CBT therapeutic alliance and identification of Negative Automatic Thoughts. (NATs)

Module 2:  The importance of Homework/Personal Practice and a closer look at NATs.  How to structure ongoing sessions.  Seven Column Thought Record exploration.  Introducing and expanding the CBT protocol for depression with Mindfulness practice.

Module 3:  What does it mean to develop a ‘CBT case conceptualisation’.  How do you do it? The Collaborative CBT therapeutic alliance.

Module 4:  How to work with underlying assumptions and the rules that guide much destructive thought, feeling and behaviour.  Introduction to Socratic Method.

Module 5:  Working at deeper levels and longer term with Core Beliefs:  The continuum method

Module 6:  The CBT protocol for working with Social Anxiety.  The Experimental Methodology of CBT.  Designing successful experiments and recording.   

Module 7:  CBT protocol for OCD and Mindful based CBT.

Module 8:  Using CBT to treat Anger.  How clients can maintain progress using CBT

Module 9: Relapse prevention the future of CBT.  Course Evaluation and Celebration.

"Friendly, good-humoured and informative style bring counselling theory and skills practice to life."
Lesley Young-Musgrove Park Hospital

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