I have now been a therapeutic counsellor for more than twenty years.  I have managed mental health  day services for the National Schizophrenia Fellowship and Between 2007 and 2013 I was the staff and student counsellor at St Loyes Foundation in Exeter working with a range of disabilities both physical and emotional.  Prior to this I established counselling services with Devon County Council youth service.  My work reflects the beliefs and expectations below.

What to expect: You will find that everything you say will be treated with dignity and respect.

Creative: My approach is shaped both by an immersion in a variety of psychological approaches and an extensive background in the creative art therapies  – particularly sandplay, writing therapy and visualisation.

Respectful: The people I work with are the only ones who can truly tell their story.   My role is to help you identify and achieve your goals.

Non-pathologising: I believe that most problems are simply former solutions that no longer work.  I aim to help you  discover more flexible means to meet life’s challenges.

Collaborative: I value the interpersonal quality of a deep therapeutic relationship.

Depth-oriented: Psychotherapy and counselling teaches us that significant change has its roots in the multi-layered interconnectedness of a person’s inner life and  their unique experience of the world.  I aim to accompany clients as they explore and navigate what can  sometimes be a stormy, sometime becalmed, often exciting voyage of discovery.

Sandplay therapy is a largely depth psychotherapeutic process and an optional resource you may wish to try.  During a sandplay session, miniature objects and symbols are used to create scenes in a box of sand.  By using visual images for self expression, unconscious feelings and attitudes emerge. This stimulates the conscious mind to expand and become aware of what  has been hidden.  In this way, sandplay releases internal pain, heals past trauma, expands consciousness.  Sandplay therapy, is a powerful and profound method for personal change, as well as a vehicle for people to deepen their communication with each other. 

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